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The immensely sad pity party of a blog post of last week was apparently read by some higher ups in charge of English weather, as it was immediately followed by one of the most beautiful weekends we’ve had in months-very literally since the beginning of March. Three days of sunshine. Three. Glorious. Days. Some fluffy white clouds, blue skies, the whole thing. It wasn’t particularly warm (high 50s, low 60s maybe), but there was sun! And we went out yesterday with no coats! Forecasts are calling for the rain to return tomorrow, but this respite from gray was needed and much appreciated. I am grateful for the break.image



Friday we took advantage of the upswing in weather to grab some drinks as the sun set. We ate dinner at home after work then wandered into Hove in search of a patio with space. (I’ve noticed-and I could be wrong here-that there aren’t nearly as many places with patio/outdoor seating around, and often if a patio exists it will be very small. Makes sense with the English weather! Beer gardens are a whole ‘other story though) We split a bottle of wine and were happy.

 Thanks for a good weekend Brighton! I needed it-message received.

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