Pink sky at night

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Today the sky reminded me of the endless days that made up my life in the Marshall Islands, watching the weather creep so slowly toward us, the clouds and rain seemingly moments away from unleashing thick drops on our heads, relinquishing us from the constant heat,  but in truth they were so far away, over miles upon miles of ocean separating my little patch of land from the next patch, an impossible amount to contemplate, an amount that gave me unquestionable panic when I truly thought of it. The optical illusion of being on a minuscule strip of coral and dirt and sand and scattered trees in the middle of nowhere, the weather rippling so smoothly and impossibly fast across the water towards us, whipping the waves into frightening monsters along the coast and then again onward and away and leaving nothing but terrifically blue sunshine in its wake. Today the sky, so far away from that island home, was like that. And eventually it set, blazing shades of pink in the western sky.  



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