Feminist Friday #5


Hello from the foggy dreariness that is Brighton today. We are enveloped in cloud, I tell ya. But that doesn’t stop the feminist news from making its way to the internetz….oh no!

-A Kickstarter that will fund a web series examining “Tropes vs Women in Video Games”. I’m no gamer, but it sounds good to me-I mean, when Laura Croft’s body type is the norm for female video game characters, there’s plenty to discuss about the genre and its representations of women.

-France has a new President in Francois Hollande (which is a big deal in and of itself) but I want to talk about his lady friend-the supremely intriguing political journalist Valérie Trierweiler. She and Hollande have been together for many years but have never married and will be the first “First” couple in France’s history to remain unmarried while Hollande sits in power. Her profile in the New York Times was very interesting read and cemented my fangirl identity of this woman who refuses to give up her own identity for that of her partner-even in the face of a many in the political world telling them to get married for simplicity’s sake. I like her!

-Feminism is a hard subject that some take too seriously, and I realize this. This tumblr pokes fun at that with awesome results. Satire folks. Good stuff. “Is this feminist?”

Rihanna getting slut shamed by both Chris Brown and Drake, and Russell Simmons calling them out on it like a boss. This annoys me the most-slut shaming of women who own their sexuality and aren’t ashamed of it (often by dudes who are having way MORE sex and in this case, writing songs about it). By way of explanation, slut shaming is to perpetuate the idea that sex is dirty, and in particular is dirty and dangerous for a woman.  Honestly, what woman hasn’t been called a slut-usually when she’s refusing to sleep with a guy? It’s a sad, pathetic line of defense. It pleases me that someone is telling these guys to knock it off and get over themselves-particularly when it’s a dude as high up in the game as Russell Simmons.

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