Things I have had to teach Jon about since we met

America England expat life thoughts

Golden Girls

Designing Women

Natural Light


Reading Rainbow (whaaaaa??)

Pizzeria Pretzel combos

Laverne & Shirley

Pound puppies

Toaster Strudels

Swedish Fish

This is a small list that seems to be ever growing and neverending, and I have no doubts that for the rest of our lives there will be ah-ha! moments where I look him in the eyes and go “You know what I’m talking about, right?” But the answer to that is, no. Nope. He doesn’t.

Mostly this means that in regular conversation I’ll bring up something or make a pop culture reference, Jon won’t understand, and I run off to YouTube/ Google  whatever it is I’m talking about. My childhood! My angsty teen years! Why can’t he just know already? Sometimes it’s so easy to forget that just because we look the same (whitey white people)  and speak (kinda) the same language that our cultures are much more different than they seem from the outside….some of the bigger things, we both remember from childhood and growing up-the Spice Girls, Power Rangers, Indiana Jones, David the Gnome, Madonna, Blink 182,  stuff like that-usually American things that were big enough to make it across the pond. Movies, rock stars. But then there are these huge gaps in knowledge where something was only big in my country, or his country, and I’m always taken aback by that gap, that lack of nostalgia on one of our parts. Like watching those shows on tv about “50 greatest love ballads of the 90s” or “grown up child stars” and I recognize less than half because they were only big in the UK.  I forget that we’re so different, and this immense pile of seemingly inconsequential things have shaped us so much in ways that we don’t notice. Sometimes I don’t want to teach him (there is no way to make him care, and “teaching” is not the right word, but nor should he care, right?) but I just want us to be nostalgic for the same things. It’s a weird thing to wish for, I think.

5 thoughts on “Things I have had to teach Jon about since we met”

  1. Things I’ve had to teach Ashley about since we met:

    – Shooting Stars
    – The EDL (about how they’re cunts)
    – How the BBC works
    – How UK adverts use pop music in them
    – Council tax
    – Phone lines vs internet connections
    – Owls

    1. Butterfly in the skyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy i can go twice as hiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiigh take a look it’s in a book, a reading rainbowwwwwwwwwwww!

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