A Brighton Beach Picnic


Yesterday was perfect. The weather has taken a turn for real summer, with temperatures in the mid to high 70s, tons of sunshine, and hardly any of the cloud cover that is so expected around here. (Are you tired of hearing me talk about the weather yet? Maybe the Brits really are rubbing off on me!). So last night after dinner -I have now perfected my cashew (fake) chicken recipe, which is officially the only Chinese dish besides fried rice in my repertoire- Jon and I wandered down to the beach with a blanket and a bottle of wine a little bit before sunset.

Brighton beach at sunsetAhhh…..so nice. I want more evenings like these. And we were surrounded by many Brightonians (Brightoners? Brightonists?) with the same idea in mind. No surprise there!

Side story: My piano teacher that taught me from when I was a youngin’ until I was 17, quilted this lovely quilt for me as a high school graduation present. It’s awesome, and has been to many countries now. Thanks Mary, wherever you are!It really is amazing how much the city changes when the sun shines. And for this week at least, I’m really grateful to have a job that lets me take some advantage of the nice days, with quitting time being at 12:30 or 3, depending on the students’ schedules on a given day (or like the past three days-no work at all!). That’s several more hours to spend in the outdoors, and I am very okay with that.

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