Feminist Friday #6


Happy (feminist) Friday! And a gorgeous sunshiny one it is, too. Let’s get to it!

Sexual exploitation of Native Women. This article from Ms Magazine was really eye-opening. I had no idea this (extensive sex work/exploitation) of American Indian women in, wait for it, Minnesota. Who knew? There’s an interview with the writer, who is an American Indian herself and this quote stuck with me “There’s this whole thing about male sex–it’s the wind and the water and the sea. It’s this unstoppable force of nature. How did that emerge?”. Good point. Food for thought.

-French feminists getting rowdy! The feminist group La Barbe protested the lack of female directors being represented at the Cannes film festival last week. The number of female directors up for the coveted Palme d’Or? Uh, that would be zero out of twenty-two. The protest itself was great- and I quote: Five women from La Barbe donned fake, different colored beards and stood in the torrential rain at the premiere of Michael Haneke’s “Amour.” They carried signs that said, “Marveilleux,” ‘’Merci!!!” ‘’Splendide,” ‘’Incredible!” and “Le Barbe.” Bad ass.

-I’m not a huge Hello Giggles fan, although I can definitely appreciate it’s existence on the crazy, vast internet. I do think a much younger version of myself (like if I’d had a computer and internet hadn’t been dial-up and soooo slooooow when I was in middle/high school) would have really liked it. However, I appreciate it’s girl power slant and making feminism and women’s issues palatable to a younger audience. I came across this article earlier in the week re: the power of make up, it’s optional-but-no-really existence in the lives of women who are expected to look “put together”, and the crazy response to Hilary Clinton going about her (powerful, important, non-looks based) business without a stitch of makeup on.  Oh, and the consequent international kerfuffle that erupted because of that decision. Maybe you heard about it? According to google there are 5,600 articles about Hilary’s make-up free look. Sheesh! Anyway-the Hello Giggles commentary on that is pretty spot on, give it a read. Good quote:

Why has it become an act of heroism and sacrifice for a woman to show her makeup-free face in public? Why are people outraged to know an actress is not a flawless automoton, but a blemished, laugh-lined human being? Why is it international news when a female politician sports glasses and skips the blush?

 -This fake magazine cover, shown below! I have no idea where it came from (so if you’d like to tell me, please do!) but I dig it. I do love a good, cheap gossip mag at the airport or when I’m feeling low, but the kind of shit peddled in rags and most conventional lady mags-like Cosmo-makes my blood boil for these very reasons. All about trying to change you to “please your man!” or “look hot at the beach!” or “the 5 foods that will give you flat abs!” placed out-so-discretely next to ads for diet pills and pictures of stick thin model bodies. I’ll pass on that.

And the answer is yes, cupcakes make good boyfriends. Obviously.

Enjoy your last May weekend friends! Love yourselves!

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  1. yo kiddo i love that fake mag cover! say it on fb i think. it is def spot on. good comments on your fem friday blog.je t’aime.yb,d

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