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We have been spending every second possible in the gorgeous outdoors lately! You never know how long the sun will last around here, and after the terrible rains of April and the whole first half of May and its unfortunate effect on my psyche, I am ecstatic. May in Brighton also means Brighton Festival and Brighton Fringe are bursting at the seams and popping up all over the city-a month full of activities ranging from theatre to musical concerts, performance art, dance, exhibitions, burlesque, comedy and anything else you can think of, all over the city. We missed most everything but made a point to buy tickets for Shakespeare in the park at St. Ann’s Well Gardens, which is coincidentally very close to our house. A local theater troupe was putting on “Twelfth Night, or What You Will” and I’m so glad we went! It was a beautiful Thursday evening and the section of the garden that the play took place in was set up in sort of a grid so that the actors walked around and made their entrances/exits around the seated, picnicking crowd! We sipped some wine, noshed on our olives, berries, and brie sandwiches and laughed, a lot. It was a great night. I wish I could do it every week. image
This weekend was chill, with more than one trip for beach sitting, long walks and/or people watching. Saturday night I was exposed to my first Eurovision extravaganza under the knowledgeable wings of Jess, Colin, and Jon. Eurovision is basically the Olympics of Europe in song form. This means there was lots of trashy Euro-pop music and over the top costumes and performances. Every country in Europe (there were 46 contestants this year, I believe?) has a proverbial horse in the race. 26 countries competed in the finals on Saturday night and well, it was intense, and really just what you’d expect when you hear there is going to be a “European song competition”. (Worth pointing out that Eurovision began in the 1950s and is therefore a time honored tradition. I’m surprised I’d never heard about it until I started dating Jon….American myopics, I guess?) Pop-tastic. Overall It was really fun! We had Colin and Jess over and we all drank and laughed and compared favorites and whatnot. I loved the chick who won, Loreen from Sweden. Her tune and performance was bangin’. “Euphoooooooooooooooriaaaaaaaaaaaa!”….

And this happened too. Russian grandmas!

In sum, I had a fun night, I was thoroughly entertained, and no one talked about the host country, Azerbaijan’s, human rights violations. Fun for everyone! And since Sweden won, next year’s Eurovision will take place there-Jess and Colin have already bought tickets!

And finally…Sunday. A day for very, very long beach walks, ice cream, and watching people swim (I have yet to set foot in the English Channel, that shit is cold and one week of 80 degree temperatures is not enough to warm it up!)


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