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Sometimes I get irrationally (or perhaps rationally) annoyed while watching tv here. This happens for a variety of reasons, but lately the biggest reasons are either 1) badly done American accents used in commercials (seriously, are there no Americans to hire for voice over work over here?? Apparently not.), and 2) stupid stereotypes being rolled out as the obvious representations of Americans. Here, I’ll show you a few.

This Maybelline mascara ad gets me every time. There is something so off about it-definitely an English person doing an American accent, and almost getting it right, but trying waaay too hard, and sounding terrible in the process.




And exhibit two! Apparently McDonald’s UK has rolled out a “Great Tastes of America” line of burgers, where for a limited time they have burgers featuring flavors from various cities/States in the US. New York, Chicago, Arizona, Texas (….um, apparently Arizona and Texas don’t have special flavor-tastic cities). These ads feature some of the silliest, most unoriginal stereotypes/assumptions about American regions. Sigh. Really, lazy is a better term for this kind of advertising. I mean, the Texas burger commercial features a dog in tiny cowboy boots with stirrups (yes, that is adorable, obviously). The New York burger commercial has light poles dressed up as the Statue of Liberty. THE ARIZONA  BURGER HAS NACHO CHIPS ON IT.



New York:





And really, none of these cross the line into being offensive, but it’s just…lazy, you know? I know I probably take it too personally, or look at them with a slightly more judgmental eye than I would have in the States, but this is what I’m seeing lately. And it gets under my skin! Let it be known I also complain about American tv-specifically the amount of advertising for completely inappropriate things, such as prescription drugs-“Ask your doctor! You may need this (brand new, not well tested, surely to be the subject of a lawsuit in a few short years) product! You obviously know more than a silly doctor!” Or the vast amount of fast food advertising. Or how American sports have become captive to “tv timeouts” and other such nonsense.

But I digress.

So I humbly submit for your consideration some commercials/adverts I’ve been particularly unhappy with lately. I wiggle my finger at you McDonald’s UK and Maybelline UK! Wiggle, wiggle!

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  1. Hahaha! Yes, you totally should do some voiceover work while you are here, Ashley 😉 And I feel so sheepish because I’ve NEVER noticed that horrible American accent on the Maybeline commercial — good lord, I’m going quasi native! It could also be that Matt and I watch shows that mainly octogenarians prefer (Poirot, Jeeves and Wooster, etc.), so most of the commercials we see are about couches.

    1. hahahaha-start watching Viva and E4 like me! (All the big bang theory and how i met your mother reruns an American could ever watch).

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