Feminist Friday #7


Kicking off the four day Jubilee weekend with some good feminist chit chat!

-I’m just jumping right in with a controversial topic here! And don’t yell at me because the article itself is actually from the Daily Mail. But terrible rag aside, I thought the article was interesting-discussing women who don’t shave and how that isn’t ever really accepted in our Western society-and many Eastern ones for that matter. It’s coincidental that I was just last week taking part in a discussion re: lady body hair and whether it is/isn’t professional to wear tank tops or sleeveless dresses at work if your pits aren’t shaven. In the article, no surprise because it’s the Mail, the “journalist” was disgusted by a 28 year old feminist who went on a morning chat show in a little black dress, pits and hairy legs out, no shame. I thought the chica was awesome and proud and had no reason to be ashamed of her choice.

Moving on from the body hair…

Bad ass lady pilot kicks off dude who talks shit about female pilots after boarding her plane. ‘Nuff said. My hero!  (more here: http://msmagazine.com/blog/blog/2012/05/27/pilot-kicks-sexist-off-her-plane/) Keep your stupid opinions to yourselves, sexists.

-Well worth discussing-why are women only writing a quarter of the Op-Ed columns in American newspapers? Turns out that data from the OpEd Project shows that only 24% of opinion columns in major syndicated papers are being written by women (a number that has barely changed in the past decade), and most of these pieces focus on family, gender or style. The only area where women are writing more columns than men are in the areas of family and gender, while all the other areas surveyed male writers far outnumbered women. These areas included economics, education, technology, science, media, the environment, national and international politics, and various other areas, including food. Plenty of room for female opinions, right? Particularly when half of most media’s readership is, in fact, female? You’d think so.

12 thoughts on “Feminist Friday #7”

    1. indeed! to be honest, i shave but it’s not a priority. i’ve done loooooong periods without, but i like smooth legs sometimes. as for armpits, i just don’t care, ha.

    1. Definitely. That is exactly how I feel. But it’s not like I’m not going to not wear a dress because I haven’t shaved, you know?

  1. Dangerous subject to sail into glibly but; with any sex, proclivity, etc specific grooming, is it not more about the people you’re trying to bed rather than how feminist you are? I’d like people to find my general slovenliness attractive, but they don’t (at least, not the ones I found attractive) so I wash as that makes it more likely I’ll score (with my wife only now obviously) . Isn’t shaving stuff just like that?

    1. Good points Tim! I think the important word in what you’re saying is “slovenliness”. For example, if you don’t shave your armpits or legs, no one thinks you’re dirty, they just think you’re a guy. If a woman doesn’t do the same things, she’s dirty. Why is it slovenly for women but not for men? Why does hair equal unclean? That’s the issue for me (even as a lady who is generally shaven but by “choice” in so much as I don’t feel like I will be shunned by my husband and strangers on the street because a certain level of hairiness on my person:)

  2. Yea for feminist Fridays! Thanks for getting the discussion going on shaving, Ashley (great responses to all!). I’m particularly intrigued by the stats you mentioned on the op-ed pieces. I’m hoping within in the next few years (as more and more graduates are women) that those percentages change dramatically.
    p.s. I hope you are feeling better! So sorry you didn’t get to have a tipple whilst (I’m so British ;)) watching all the Jubilee hoopla!

    1. Thanks Lar-there’s always tonight, I guess, with no work tomorrow too:) I found the Op-ed stats not necessarily shocking, but still saddening, know what i mean? I think you bring up a good point re: more female grads though!

  3. But do you want me to shave my legs? If Reece Witherspoon said she preferred no hair on a guy, people would think I had alopecia I’d shed the hair so fast. I think everything you or I do, to in anyway alter out appearance, is sexually motivated. Women shave their armpits, legs etc and men shave their faces, back, hands, balls etc it’s all evolutionary foreplay.

    1. I don’t know, that’s a pretty broad brush you’re painting with. I agree that societal standards are basically set as a “boys do this because girls like it, ladies do this for the fellas” but I don’t think that that means we should continue to live by those standards without questioning them. Also, you still didn’t answer my question-why is hair on a woman dirty, but not on a man? Does it hold more dirt/smell or something I’m not aware of?

  4. A relative lack of body hair is, by dint of biology, a feminine quality!

    Male sex hormones >> body hair. When averaged among similar genetic groups, men will always naturally have more body hair than women. So men don’t like hairy women as it reminds them of other men. It’s not that it is dirty, it’s that it’s evolutionarily undesirable.

    The societal angle is just as bad; shaving stuff seems to be related to the level of flesh women reveal. Western art/media is almost exclusively populated with hair-free muses. No hair, anywhere, at all, ever. So it is unsurprising that men are looking for reality to imitate art and the more revealing clothing has become, the more hair girls have to remove to maintain the illusion that they look like all those stereotypes under what is left of the clothing.

    I’m not saying it is right, but as a society and as a species we have decided that you should shave. Everywhere. Right now…

    It’s not just women that this effects either; men are now shaving their chests to look more like all the film/magazine/TV hunks. Men are just starting out on this foolish road though whilst women, sensibly, are attempting to veer from it.

    I eagerly await this Friday’s topic 🙂 You should write an article on where politeness stops and sexism begins as I’ve got no idea any more.

  5. Love your contributions Tim:) All I’m attempting to say (in this case and basically every time I open my mouth, haha) is that these assumptions and societal standards-like, everybody shave everything or you’re a disgusting hairy slob!- need to be examined and talked about not just taken as acceptable because they maintain the status quo. That’s all. Love to get people thinking! Also, hair is warm and razors aren’t biodegradable….on a sustainability tangent. As for politeness v. sexism….that’s a good one, and I’d love to hear some discussion on that messy subject.

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