So the Queen’s Jubilee is over

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You’ve been a Queen for 60 years, you say? That’s cool. Let’s party!

Alright, so my long jubilee weekend didn’t go according to any plan. Today marks day 5 of this icky cold that I woke up with on the first day of mini-vacation (terrible timing) and it. is. lame. However, being sick over such a long holiday did mean that I got to watch nearly every Jubilee-centered tv show that came on Saturday night through Tuesday night. The River Pageant (so many boats, such terrible weather!), the concert (Elton and Grace Jones and Sir Paul!), a four hour documentary about the Queen’s various palaces…I saw a lot of stuff.  I really learned a lot this weekend! And while I still am not comfortable enough, nor knowledgeable enough to get into any spirited debates about the monarchy’s place in contemporary UK society (on a side note-anarchists, do shut up please), I did love seeing everyone get so excited for such a nifty once in a lifetime event. And my English brethren wonder why I love the 4th of July so much-they should have seen themselves jumping out of their seats to purchase every bit of red, white, and blue/ Union Jacked-up paraphanelia in sight! Seems the United Kingdom needs its own national holiday just to celebrate itself. People dig it.

The biggest disappointment of being couch/bed bound for the better part of four days? Missing the street parties. I could hear the tunes from various neighborhood block parties bangin’ away from my room, despite the drizzly weather that dominated the weekend from Saturday night onward. People were out, eating coronation chicken and boozing their way through the days off work and I missed the opportunity! Jon went to a street party in Kemptown on Monday and I was seriously jealous. All I did while he was gone was watch  Muppets Take Manhattan, which is nowhere as good as A Muppet Christmas Carol, in my humble opinion. Sigh. At least I learned some new things?

Now less than a week to a REAL holiday-Paris! And there’s no way I’ll still be sick by then, right? Right.

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