Sun-soaked (but not today’s sun)

expat life

Today’s weather was so weird-it rained all morning and most of the afternoon while being pretty darn chilly, then the sun came out and shone brilliantly for a few hours, then it got terribly windy. I saw a rainbow! Oh England…I just never know what to expect with you. Also I now understand why people in England have so many different coats-at least it changes things up a bit in the wardrobe department. I should get a trench. Today I tried to organize my closet, and had to stop when I had the brilliant idea to put away my winter things (which is like, a coat and a wool sweater dress and a couple of sweaters that can ONLY be worn when it’s really cold outside) and then realized that due to the inconsistency of the English I basically need my whole closet available to me at all times. No “sandals/shorts/sundress” season here, no sir. And heavy sweaters in July? Could totally be necessary.  I want it to go back to how it was a few short weeks ago, but I think the chances of that are pretty low unless global warming rears its beautiful head again, leaving me to look at these pictures fondly and sigh. That was a really gorgeous couple of summery weeks we had there!

(purple on purple, yes)

(and this is Jon swimming in the sea, he’s so brave)

I’ll never stop believing in you sunshine. My love for you is endless. Come back soon, and bring the heat with you,if that’s your thing.

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