A Parisian visit, part 2

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On Thursday night Jon and I tagged along once again with Lindsey’s tour group for a boat ride down the Seine. I took a lot of pictures and most of them were terrible, so shame on me. Better to be in the moment anyway, right? The tour guide on the boat peppered the ride with bits of information as we leisurely made our way down and back, in both French and English. She was lovely! It’s pretty great that so much of the best bits of architecture in the city are all concentrated along the river. The same can be said for all the boats, most of which are incredibly ugly, but serve the purpose of lugging people up and down the river-some for fancy private parties, some for a dinner cruise, and some for sightseeing.

After the tour we made our way to Montparnasse, another ugly building (there really aren’t that many, that’s why it stands out so much!) whose sole redeeming quality is that when one goes to the top viewing room one has an amazing view of Paris. And that’s why we went-to watch the sunset at dusk, and watch the Eiffel Tower sparkle away They turn on the sparkle every night at 10 pm for 5 minutes and it’s pretty impressive, not to mention magical.

Sparkle sparkle!

I was kind of dreading leaving Montparnasse because we’d have to bid Lindsey adieu. Her group’s tour guide was such a nice guy, and he offered to let Jon and I ride around on a little night time drive around Paris, dropping us off at a place that would be closer to our hotel before they made their way back to their hotel outside of the city to catch an early flight the next morning. The bus stopped a few times to allow the kids time to take some nighttime photos of things-the Place de la Conchord, the Eiffel Tower, etc.

(This next picture took a million shots to get all three of us in there!)

When the bus pulled up to drop us off, I found myself getting unexpectedly choked up. Lindsey’s kids all chimed in with “awwwwww” while we hugged and said our goodbyes. And then they drove away and Jon and I started walking and I cried, a lot, on the streets of Paris. And it was pathetic.

But at least on the walk home we saw a kimchi truck, and that made me laugh. What’s a kimchi truck, you ask? I assume it has been commissioned on a world tour to sell the wonders of kimchi to the west, but I could be wrong.

Kimchi baguette, anyone? I seriously don’t see the French people in general taking to kimchi, delicious as it may be.

(Next time-Museums of the Louvre, d’Orsay, and Rodin variety, and a lot of food, so come back if you’re into any of that. And no more Eiffel Tower pictures, I promise).

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