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So it seems the epic four-part Paris blogfest that took up my time last week left me a little burnt out! I don’t have many words. It has been a draining week, I’ve picked up an afternoon class of adults in addition to my long mornings with the kiddies, and they are all in their mid-20s/30s and have already proven to only show up half the time and spend most of our class time on their phones (but other than that these adults are funny and lovely and some are even earnest, which I love). The weekend is fast approaching, thank goodness, and I will sleep. Today I got paid for some freelance work, and so tonight I took Jon out on a date, searching for a Mexican restaurant in Brighton that isn’t terrible, a gargantuan task if ever there was one considering there are very few Mexican restaurants and most of them are….gross. We found a place that I’d give 5/5 for amazing margaritas, but 2/5 for food. Oh well-Mexico’s so far away, I can’t reasonably expect too much. We walked home along the seafront, enjoying the dusk and the fact that it has finally calmed down from the hurricane winds that have been blowing over England for the past week or so. The sun has even gotten comfortable for us (and stopped hiding behind the clouds…sometimes), although the temperature still hasn’t really gone over 70. I’ll take it though. I think I’m resigned to a cool summer and just hoping it’s still boiling hot in Ohio come September!

Pictures of life lately:image


margaritas on a Wednesday:image

new vinyl:image

choppy waves, although you can’t tell:image

the life of a teacher; planning edition:image


clouds and sea views:image

sports!, or dudes watching football/soccer (it’s Euro season, after all):image

evening walks are the best, windy or not:image

sipping on a souvenir from Paris:image

it was windy, no kidding:image

4 thoughts on “Back in the grind”

  1. it was boiling here today! I had a lovely day at work 100 degrees inside at 8 this morning! made it through the day thank god! was gonna go to Jamies but had a bad storm and was in the basement for a few. They had 80 mile an hour winds in Columbus. Still talking about it on the news what a way to start my vacation!! Dave and I are going to put n bay for the weekend cant wait to get away love you

    1. that’s crazy! my whole facebook feed is full of people talking about how they’re out of power in stuff. i hope you’re okay! have fun in put-in-bay!

  2. Oh lordy, Ashley, we totally commiserate on the mexican food front. We just went to Chiquitos last night: why/how do you eat chips with your tacos? We’ve also spent a great deal of energy finding Chipotle burrito equivalents here in Edinburgh and Glasgow. There are three — they aren’t perfect, but they’ll do in a bind. Matt and I also had our parents send us taco seasoning from the states because here (let me know if you’ve experienced the same thing), it tastes of Indian food — love Indian food, but not in my tacos. I could go on about my tex mex searches, but I’ll spare you 😉
    I hope you are having a lovely, relaxing weekend after your busy week! Do you have sun today? We have very bright clouds, which at this point, I’ll take! Maybe we’ll get summer this week? (Fingers and toes crossed!!!).

    p.s. Matt and I are tentatively planning a trip to Brighton and its surrounds in the fall. I’ve always wanted to go to Charleston (Bloomsbury group) house which is somewhere around there. Have you ever been? I know it must sound strange, but you guys sound so warm and balmy — scary thought, isn’t it? That said, you have to come up to Edinburgh some time! Sometimes we do actually get warm…ish!

  3. Haha Lar-I am scared to try UK chipotle, and since the closest one is in London, I’ve avoided it so far. So tired of the disappointment re: Mexican food! As for sun-we’ve actually had a lot lately,which is lovely, but the winds have been ridiculous. I don’t know if it’s because we’re on the coast or what, but 20 mph every day is too much. And of course when the wind goes away so does the sun, haha.

    I have not heard about Charleston House, but I looked it up and it sounds amazing! I hope you guys come down here-the South East really is pretty nice and it’s got to be better weather-wise than Edinburgh:) And we could meet up-lots of veggie/gluten free goodness around here, no doubt. And I do want to come up t’North, at some point! May just wait for the winter and go hard core:)

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