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Reading: The Blind Assassin. I love Margaret Atwood (if you haven’t read The Handmaid’s Tale yet, you must). So far, I love it. Atwood’s writing is provocative, intriguing and so easy to get immersed in. Right now my worst habit is not spending enough daily time reading-I get sucked into the stupid internet instead, which is silly. But this book, I already love.

Watching: Jon and I finally started watching Game of Thrones recently. Love it! We’ve only finished season one-so we’ve still got a full season 2 left to go. And I want to read the books too! But I’m glad we settled down and got started on this show that everyone is talking about. Perfect for this dreary, crazy wet English summer when you can’t go outside anyway.

Anticipating: Ohio in two months. TWO MONTHS. We are buying tickets this week. I’m freakin’ psyched. Two weeks in the best place in the world!

Listening: to lots of First Aid Kit and Childish Gambino. Not necessarily at the same time, that’s a bit weird. But these seem to be the tunes of my summer thus far. Hip hop and old school folksy goodness. Perfect for the season.

Working: on my fitness yo. I finally bought new running shoes and broke them in today with a super solid 5k. I went the opposite route of what I usually look for in a shoe, and they are just a step up from “naked” running, meaning that they are super light, form-fitting, and basically a slightly cushy layer between my feet and the ground. It. Is. Awesome. A little weird, but I like the idea of having as little as possible between my body and the ground (foot wise, I’m not a nudist or anything). I think it’ll be good to go out of my comfort zone a bit-and maybe good for my wonky stride/robot leg. (Long story short, I have a 7 inch piece of metal in my left leg from a bad break in college. It has had long term effects). Anyway, I’m loving the new kicks.

Worrying: about where I’ll be working come October. It’s not fun having only seasonal work, and the summer is quickly ending-not that it feels like it ever began. In fact, the terrible weather is probably why I feel like it’s mostly over, even though we’re just smack dab in the middle. I only have permanent, steady work at the college guaranteed through September and that makes me nervous. The job search has begun, in a semi-relaxed/semi-earnest way, but it’s not fun for me. If anyone needs a writer/editor or ESL/EFL teacher in the Brighton or London area, let me know!

Wishing: that all my friends could come visit. I miss my people something fierce, as always. But summer time without your friends? It’s the pits. And knowing that I have a place to call home now that no one from my old life is in any way familiar with-the restaurants, the pubs, the pier, the shops, the whole scene-it breaks my heart a little bit. I miss them. I miss you guys, with my whole heart. (Oh, and happy late birthday Linz! Your card/cadeau is in the mail!)

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