Feminist Friday #12


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What a week! A hellish week, in fact. And I’m glad it’s over. And with that said


-Please go watch this video of Nicki Minaj being a bad ass and casually dismantling sexism in the music industry. While putting on her makeup and wearing a pink beehive. Girl’s got some issues I could contest-but this is not one of them. PREACH. http://www.upworthy.com/watch-nicki-minaj-casually-dismantle-sexism-while-applying-her-eyeliner?c=mrp1

-A thoughtful piece on women and their lack of representation in Washington, DC think tanks, with a picture attached to the headline that illustrates exactly the kind of objectification that should be avoided (at a DC freaking think tank, above all else). Please click on over to give it a look, and maybe a read if you can tear your eyes away from the lady parts. A super disappointing showing by the Washington Monthly. Irony, they not know of.  http://www.washingtonmonthly.com/magazine/julyaugust_2012/ten_miles_square/where_are_the_women_wonks038410.php

-Caitlin Moran sounds like a cool lady. And she’s got a book coming out that I think I’ll be reading. Excerpt from the interview: “The word “feminism,” Moran said, has for some reason gone off the rails to connote, incorrectly, preachy humorlessness and grim separatism. “When I talk to girls, they go, ‘I’m not a feminist,’ ” she said. “And I say: ‘What? You don’t want to vote? Do you want to be owned by your husband? Do you want your money from your job to go into his bank account? If you were raped, do you still want that to be a crime? Congratulations: you are a feminist.’ “http://www.nytimes.com/2012/07/15/magazine/caitlin-moran-congratulations-youre-a-feminist.html?_r=2

-Online harassment of women who dare to enter the supposedly dude bro world of video games (and I say supposedly dude bro because it’s been proven again and again that plenty of women LOVE video games, so the idea that they don’t  is just silly) has reached a hostile and infuriating fever pitch. Anita Sarkeesian, who I wrote about several weeks ago because of her awesome Kickstarter project to fund a video examining female tropes in video games, has been getting harassed in any and every way, including an interactive game online where players are invited to beat her up. Let me repeat that-someone got so mad that this chica wants to make feminist video game videos that they made a video game where you beat the shit out of her. Disgusting. And hey-it proves her point! Oh, and she’s raised nearly $200k despite (or because of) the controversy. And she was only trying to raise $6,000! Amazing. http://www.newstatesman.com/blogs/internet/2012/07/what-online-harassment-looks

-To end on a more cheerful note, I direct you to a feminist ranking of Disney princesses. Obviously Mulan wins. Obviously. Homegirl is a bad ass. Aurora, aka Sleeping Beauty? Not so much, unfortunately. Girl has great hair! http://www.nerve.com/entertainment/ranked/ranked-disney-princesses-from-least-to-most-feminist

Enjoy your weekend! More rain is forecast for England, but…yeah. Duh. If we waited for it to stop raining to do anything fun we’d be hermits. Anyway, weekend!

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