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This week was one of those long, crazy ones. Somehow this Ohio girl has gotten out of the habit of being productive when the sun is shining-fortunately I was joined by oh…all of England. It seemed that my classes were half full-between Ramadan beginning last Friday and the sun shining all week, students just weren’t showing up!-and well, I just wanted to be outside. As did the entirety of Brighton, so it seemed. Jon and I ate dinner on the beach every night this week, drinking wine or beers and watching people swim in the sea, children loudly playing all around us and dangerously pink British citizens everywhere you looked. Eventually after the sun set we’d mosey back to the flat to watch some tv and go to bed, leaving the drunkest folk to the beach, having accomplished nothing with our evening but enjoyment of the weather that the rest of the world (i love you hyperbole) gets all the time. And gets tired of, for that matter. For shame!

I took my students outside yesterday for a little scavenger hung of the Brighton Pier. I had a quiz prepared for them, and it was a lovely way to take advantage of this short-lived hot weather. Although of course not everyone loved it-apparently I have a number of students who came to the UK specifically to get away from the heat of their own countries and are fairly annoyed that Brighton all of a sudden got hot. I feel for them. Sort of. Not really. Suck it up, guys, the rest of us are miserable! And today the rains were forecast to begin again, but they did not, oh surprise of surprises. In fact, it reached the mid-70s yet again and was incredibly humid and muggy-something I’m just not used to anymore. England is full of surprises, and this weather is one of them. It’s strange in that I’ve only just got the “summer’s begun” feeling, when really August starts next week….oops.

Anyway, the Olympic opening ceremony is tonight and I’m actually surprised by how excited I am about it! It’s pretty cool being in the country and so near the city where everything’s going down. Jon and I have talked about trying to find some tickets to some event or other, since they’re still available. The regular or the paralympics, both will be amazing. We’ll see what happens. I really wish I had a jumpsuit or something that was half Union Jack/half stars and stripes. Go Team USA and Team GB!

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