Beach Barbecue

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They do this thing here where you can buy little barbecues for super cheap at the grocery store in order to get your grill on at the beach. The barbecues are less than 2 bucks, and have some sort of sustainably produced “charcoal” made of cotton or something? I don’t know. I mean, I’m uncomfortable with the whole one-off cookery thing, but for an occasional beach dinner, count me in! Also, does this happen in other places? This landbound Ohio girl is unaware.

On one of our evenings at the beach this past week we took down some nice sausages and ciabatta, a few cans of Foster’s, and joined the teeming masses in bathing suits by the seaside. Damn, I could do with more of that! For comparison, today the sun is shining but it’s back to super windy and in the mid-60s with forecasts for more of the same all week (plus rain at the end…); it seems our glorious time of heat is over for the time being. And I’m really, truly okay with it….as long as this doesn’t mean another 3 weeks of all day rain, every day or something. Ugh. My soul can’t take it.

The birds love the heat too….more people at the beach means better meals for them!

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