Exploring the Lanes/North Laine of Brighton

England expat life

A big catalyst to my becoming more comfortable in England has been the fact that we moved to such a cool city. Brighton is the best, and it reminds me so much of the Columbus that I left behind, that it’s been easy to fall in love with this¬†brilliantly¬†quirky, eccentric sea side city.

As I’ve mentioned before, I’ve tried to integrate some outdoor lessons into my morning adult classes. For half of the morning one day a week we go out and adventure around Brighton. There’s a quiz/scavenger hunt involved, so while I gently lead my students, they can become more familiar with their temporary home and learn more about it. Last week we spent time on the pier. The week before we went to the North Laine. And I do love the Lane(s)! The narrow winding streets are easy to imagine being used the same way today as they were centuries ago.

Brighton is interesting in that they have a few Lanes….the North Laine and “The Lanes” and it’s difficult to know which “lane” someone’s talking about. Some are east and some are west and they’re all tiny and chock full of boutiques, pubs, and the like. Whichever one you go down though, you’ll find something of interest. And the store fronts are magical!

If any of you come to visit me, you can count on a trip to the North Laine/The Lanes. Probably multiple ones! For all the vinyl, antiques, vintage, cupcakes, frozen yogurt, pub-sitting, busker-watching, charity shop-searching and other quirky activities a discerning individual could look for. Also-my favorite Thai place is in there and it is bananas delicious.

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