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expat life

Life of late in sunny Brighton town. So glad the weather has maintained a generally warm, cheery demeanor these past few weeks! I am feeling crazy scattered and the weather is at least a lovely constant. Even when it’s rained it hasn’t been that cold. It’s like summer showed up and is doin’ its thang all over this place, which in terms means everyone is cramming all their summer adventures into every spare moment. Better late than never!

Last week’s observation went really well, thanks for your well wishes! I feel really comfortable in the work that I’m doing and it was nice to be validated on that level. I’m so thankful that I found the job when I did-through it I’ve made friends and became more comfortable in my little English life. So even if I don’t have it after the autumn…well, I guess there were some really great things. Silver linings and all that. Not that I won’t be keeping my fingers crossed for a permanent offer. Mama has bills to pay.

Anyway, I’m just checking in after a week with very little motivation to write (could be tied to the fact that more than a few nights were spent out this past week, which is not the usual pattern at the Sheets-Norris house). I feel like soon I’ll blink and be in Ohio…summer’s going so quickly, and now that it’s actually worth enjoying, I don’t want to miss anything.

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