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Walking along the seafront never gets old. Jon and I try to take walks most evenings down by where we live when we’re not feeling too lazy, and I have to say I’m never, ever bored of it. There is an enchantment that comes with living by the sea later in life-not from childhood. As it is, there’s always something new to look at. The views change with the tides, with the time of day, with the other people talking walks and chilling on the beach or the lawns. Dogs and kids, kite flyers and barbecues. The broken down pier is my favorite thing. It’s melancholy and steady and decaying and alive, all at once. I love it. Construction is beginning on something new on the sea front now, and with it the landscape will change. I look forward to seeing what’s to come.

On a less introspective note, there is a place on the seafront where people can rent Segways and then take them for little rides and it is hilarious to watch them go around their little orange cones with helmets on. Try not to laugh at that, just try.

We saw a bi-plane coming from the air show last weekend. Pretty cool.

Here, a taste of what any sunny day looks like in Brighton, regardless of wind or actual temperatures.

Every single day at this pub, this old man dresses up like Michael Jackson and dances in front of the live bands. It breaks my heart a little. I hope he’s doing it for the love of dance, and not because he needs money to eat food.

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