Feminist Friday #15


This week I’m just offering up two things. With the Republican National Convention in the headlines recently let’s just focus on that! On a side note…. Clint Eastwood is pretty crazy now, eh?  Yes.

Anyway, my suggested reading for the week is the Salon piece found here, http://www.salon.com/2012/08/27/what_womens_issues/ , regarding women’s issues and the women in the Republican party, and how these ladyfolk are essentially rolling their eyes and clucking their tongues at the dudes who seem completely ignorant about the female contingent of their party, while still completely supporting their divisive and terrible ideas. The quotes sort of read like this: “Oh those silly boys!” It’s a bit sad.

The other thing is this fantastic video of the always hilarious Samantha Bee interviewing RNC delegates. Watch!



Happy weekend everyone! It’s Pride in Brighton, plus Jon and I’s anniversary, so it should be good times all around. Woohoo for love and equality!

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