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Penny, Dave and Stainless (aka Richard) all made trips from Nottingham and Bristol down to our modest anniversary party last weekend, and we were pleased to have their pretty faces in the vicinity! The five of us have a Korean connection due to our time spent living there-which is where most of us met, excluding the dudes, who have all known each other since university-and it’s nice to able to still see people that can relate to that crazy time half way around the world, eating kimchi and living it up, yet also know what it’s like to have normal lives again. And Penny and Dave are even roommates now in Nottingham, which is fun. While they were here we had a party (obviously), but we also spent the next day feeling hungover and walking around by the seafront, which is still quite a novelty for people from the land-locked cities of Nottingham and Bristol, and then going to a late lunch/dinner. I loved having them around, and I’ll be talking Jon into going up north as soon as possible, even though as a good southern (southeastern?) boy he hates the north and everything in it with a passion. So he says. I think it’s all lies. We’ll see.

It’s nice having someone else around who takes even more pictures than I. Hi Dave!

She’s definitely instagramming that picture.

We even made a stop by the fresh seafood stand, where you can buy local, fresh goodies for cheap in little pots, right on the beach. Penny was feeling brave and purchased a bit made of essentially all tiny octopus. It…did not look appetizing.

The stall and its vendors were covered in leftover rainbow bits and pieces from the previous day’s Pride festivities.

Not appetizing.

After we said goodbye to Richard, Penny and Dave, Jon and I carried on walking down the seafront back to our place. It was chilly and gray and undeniably autumnal, and only a few people were around. The feeling of wind-whipped salty air in your face is a good way to both knock out a hangover and say goodbye to summer. I think I’ll like the fall and winter days of Brighton even more than the summer ones-no tourists or summer students everywhere you turn, no weekend visitors taking up all the space and being loud and drunk on the weekends then going back from whence they came, not cleaning up their trash behind them. Not that I mind most of it, but the idyll of a sleepy off-season city by the sea sounds¬†irresistibly¬†appealing to me these days. We’ll see how naive I’ve been come November-I’ve never been in Brighton, or in England for that matter, at that time of year. Maybe it’s a loud, cold mess, who knows? Still won’t be as cold as the states though. I’ll miss snow this year.

Seafront playgrounds with baby pools, abandoned in the colder climes. Although with temperatures for the weekend cast in the high 70s-maybe 80s (!), it’ll probably fill up again, at least this one last time before the true chill sets in.

Brighton kiddie pool seafront


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