Summer’s resurgence

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Okay, this has to be the end. I mean it. I’m pretty sure summer has to be on its way out now. After a glorious week of sunshine that returned following last weekend’s autumnal temperatures, and a fantastically sunshiney, warm weekend, the sun seemed to disappear in the span of a windy few hours, and as I sit here on Sunday night it’s chilly and very, very fall-like. So I’m calling it. I think summer’s over, at least in England. Take my word for it! As it is, we made great use of this surprise extra weekend of blissful summer.

Reading on the beach, strolling by the seaside, food truck explorations, and a bonafide date night at a sushi place (we don’t “date” too much these days), plus more banal fare like grocery shopping and haircuts and going to the gym…it was all pretty nice.

The Troll's Pantry Brighton

Two unexpected things we came across this weekend that brought a smile to my face-a Hare Krishna parade and a tiny car that I subsequently fell in love with! You don’t get much smaller than that. And I can’t hate on Hare Krishnas, they’re about the most positive, loving religious folk out there, and I have never come across a group of them that weren’t wonderfully smiley and joyful. And the chanting! The dancing!


What a nice weekend….it was much appreciated and needed and since we’ve been making a move to be extra sober since our party last weekend (no drinks all week/weekend, not even wine at dinner, and no plans for any alcohol whatsoever until we’re on a plane!) I’m feeling extra well-rested and put together. So mature, right? Ha!  This is my 27 year old childless existence.

Technically I’m on vacation now, since I don’t have to work at all this week, but Jon’s got three days in the office and on Thursday we’ll board a plane to the States! Cannot wait. It’s been nine months since I’ve been home (“home”). Nine months! Can you imagine?

4 thoughts on “Summer’s resurgence”

  1. And such a cute car! It’s almost been a year since Lar and Matt moved to Edinburgh and they’re not coming home until December – harumph!

    Speaking of sobering up, Troy and I went to our local pub the other day to order dinner and we told the bartender that we were trying to be good and not drink during the week. She said, “Ah, finally maturing!” It made me feel like the biggest drunkard ever – and the most immature 29 year old!

    1. haha, Cath! I can definitely relate. I feel like half my friends have kids, the other half drink too much, and I’m stuck in the middle loving booze but trying not to love it toooo much:)

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