Home again, Safe and Sound

America travels

Where to start? I am sitting on my couch, watching the 7 o’clock news while Jon does the post-dinner dishes. Everything is utterly, completely normal now that we’re back home. It is darker here, earlier than expected. England is colder and rainier than it was when we left. It feels like autumn. It feels like home. The split is something I’m coming to terms with; I don’t ever know if I’ll feel fully, only at home here. It’s strange enough to take my vacations to Ohio now. When I touch down there, when I see my friends and family and jump right back into the same old conversations at the same old places, it all feels normal. Long drives out to the middle of nowhere to see my parents in their respective houses. The usual. So leaving is the weird, hard part. I don’t want it to ever NOT be hard to leave-that’s when I’ll know I don’t belong there anymore, and I always want to belong there.

Ohio skies

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