the sun came out and i stopped being sad for a while but now it’s raining again but i’m running on sunshiney fumes

expat life thoughts

It is ridiculous how tightly connected my emotions are with the weather. Yesterday was the first clear, dry day we’d had in a week and I basically strutted down the street while running errands, whistling a jaunty tune whilst twirling my cane, I was so happy. And Jon pointed out something very true about my life-I am the saddest when three things are happening/have happened. 1) I’ve recently left Ohio, 2) it is raining, 3) when I have no work to do. And all three of those marked the majority of this week. But things are looking to be on the upswing now, with a ┬ájam-packed birthday weekend on the horizon, and various dinner and drink and unknown plans put together by my life partner waiting for me. And that should cheer any lady up. Plus, I just went for a run and all that business about endorphins is so true-I feel much better, even though it’s now begun to rain, once again. I can handle turning 28 in the rain though. It fits right into the story of my life and my non-American birthday celebrations-22 on an island in the Pacific, 25 in South Korea, 28 in the south of England (although I assume I’ll probably have more birthdays here along the way). It’s strange that even though I’ve had so many birthdays in America, the ones I don’t have there are the most peculiar.

(pictures up top: the beautiful skies of yesterday, long since gone; red lips and glasses on a date with my dude)

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