CELTA day two


CELTA day two and all is well. I’m busy as a little bee, but the coursework itself isn’t all that hard, unsurprisingly (yet….knock on wood). It seems that they have a very specific way of doing things, which is good and bad. I get the whole “teaching inside the box” so that on their own teachers can go out and get outside the ol’ proverbial box. But…meh. Personally I feel really comfortable because I’ve had so much (ha! sooo much derp derp like I’ve been teaching for 20 years or something) experience in the classroom, but I think I’d be pooing my pants like everyone else if I’d never taught before. CELTA is definitely trial by fire. Case in point: the course started Monday, and this afternoon, on day 2, we had to teach our first lesson. It was only 20 minutes, which was gone in a blink, but tomorrow it’s a full 50 minute lesson for me in the afternoon, which should be fun. The woman who is in my group and who had a 20 minute lesson with our class, which I followed, was really crashing and burning. It was awkward. I’m sure she’ll get better though! (I hope! She’s so nervous about everything!)

Mornings are input lessons, aka the teaching of teachers. Afternoons we teach a group of young adults who have signed up for free English classes with the knowledge that it’s a learning group for new teachers.. There’s a lot expected and a lot involved, and I’m hoping everything stays as it is, generally speaking, because uh…I’m frazzled. But doing alright. And it’s Tuesday of week 1. And I thought I had more to say tonight but I kinda don’t and I’m really tired so….it’s off to bed for me.

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  1. I hope the rest of the week is treating you well, lady! I would be so grumpy having to take a course I felt was somewhat unnecessary (and pay for it!) — I’m so impressed you are doing it! And it’s almost the weekend! Week one almost done!

    1. Aw thanks so much Lar! Yeah, it’s super annoying to do, but at least 4 weeks will fly by (or at least this first one has!). And happy weekend to you!

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