Feminist Friday #18


Dudes, starting back up with the FF series was maybe not the best idea right before starting this course. I’ve been busy as all get out this week, but here’s a few bits and pieces I managed to bookmark while running around like a crazy person.

Women (like Eva Longoria and Scarlett Johansson) talking about women’s issues and the upcoming election. Check out the video.

Mormon feminists aren’t super into Romney, it turns out.

12 year old girl genius, woo woo! I love me some successful young ladies.

I don’t always agree with Lindy West, but this is right on target. Why are we fighting a “culture war” with people who don’t even believe we’re equal to them in the first place? It’s not a discussion that needs nuanced participation from the likes of people like me because no matter what, THEY ARE WRONG. And I’m tired of having to talk sense into hateful idiots because “everyone has an opinion” or some such nonsense. If your opinion is that stupid, I’m not talking to you. Go away. You suck, and the war on women is real, unlike the “war on religion”.


And with that, back to my red wine and Hocus Pocus. I am exhausted.

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