A zombie-filled Saturday in Brighton

England expat life

Yesterday I took a break from all the CELTA homework I’ve got and Jon and I went to watch the Beach of the Dead! The event was a zombie walk along the beach and through the main part of the city. Pretty crazy and unexpected if you came down to Brighton for the day and that’s what you came across! It was a super fun/creepy way to take a break from working. People really got into it-apparently the event had thousands more participants than last year (makes up for the fact that Halloween itself isn’t as big here). Next year-when I have more time to prepare and actually enjoy the whole thing-we are definitely partaking!

whole lotta zombies

zombie banana!

not a zombie, but amused nonetheless.

Wandering the streets of Brighton…

Next year…it is so on.

We ended up watching 28 Weeks Later (a totally freaky zombie flick, and the sequel to 28 Days Later) late last night, so our day accidentally turned out to be zombie-centric. Which did not bode well for my dreams, but oh well. ZOMBIEEEES RAAAAAAAAARRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR.


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