Chilly walks by the sea (with a red cup in hand)

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Yesterday I took a little mid-day break from CELTA-ing to go for a seaside walk with Jon. It was brisk and pretty chilly, but we managed to time it just right, as a dark, cloudy front was creeping up behind us the whole walk home. Gotta get the vitamin D while you can!

We also hit up Starbucks on our way for a special deal that got us buy one/get one free to kick off the red cup season. I don’t know what it is, but I drink so much more Starbucks here than I ever did in Ohio….maybe it’s just a taste of home, and the fact that the CEO stopped building them on every corner and instead decided to focus on quality and fair trading (okay, I know there are issues here…). Oh, and I hate Costa and Coffee Republic and Cafe Nero, the English coffee chains. Of course I love and support all the tiny coffee shops in Brighton-I’m a Small Batch girl all the way-but I’m not saying no to two for the price of one, feel me? Anyway, to cut this coffee monologue short, it turns out that the winter flavors for coffee in English Starbucks are different-no peppermint mocha! So a gingerbread latte it was for me, and a praline mocha for the mister. And neither of our names were spelled right. This happens to Jon all the time, but choosing the more convoluted spelling of Ashley, just off the cuff? Weird.

We walked down along Adelaide Crescent and then back towards our place, sipping our coffees and enjoying the fresh air and gorgeous blue skies. Really-it was a beautiful day. Until the sun set at 4:30, which, hello, is still so early. I don’t think I’ll be getting used to that anytime soon. My body still thinks that if it’s getting dark at 4:30, it must be December, and that’s just not true over here. Hopefully I’ll adjust at some point. Probably not.

There were an intrepid few other walkers among us on the seafront. The whole vibe down there shifts so much when the season changes. All the students and families and seasonal travelers are gone, and only a few people go on the actual beach. No more laying around boozing on the rocky shores in the sunshine….

Most of the buskers are gone too. You see the more hard-core athletes, the dog walkers and the families with children on scooters (oh how I hate scooters!) and ladies like this one, ignoring the wintery temperatures and practicing her hula hooping skills barefoot, in cut off jeans and a tank top.

Rock on, hula lady. You be careful out there! I hope you don’t catch pneumonia.

And just a special shout-out to this guy, who has been extra supportive over these past three weeks while I’ve suffered through CELTA. My emotions have been on edge and I’ve had a steady stream of work, leaving all housework and most of the cooking/survival type things to fall completely on him. I am completely not carrying my weight at chez Sheets-Norris. ¬†And he hasn’t complained one bit! What a trooper. Only one more week!

5 thoughts on “Chilly walks by the sea (with a red cup in hand)”

  1. Huh, I didn’t know that about Starbucks and taxes! Now I feel all sheepish because I too go to starbucks here way more than I ever did in the states (pumpkin spice latte– finallllly!).
    And 4:30 sunsets – HATE them too. It’s closer to 4 pm around here (Edinburgh, why oh why are you so freaking far north- fist shake). By the time 9 pm rolls around I’m always like “was it actually light ever today?” Hello, sun lamp.
    p.s. Next time Cath comes over I think we need to get ourselves to Brighton — looks too, too awesome!

    1. You ladies should definitely come down! It’ll be a proper tropical holiday for you, haha:)

      And I looked into the starbucks thing and I really don’t think they (or Apple, Amazon, or Google, who are also being taken to task) should be boycotted or anything-they pay the required taxes in this country. I think if the UK, and the US for that matter, wants these companies to pay more tax, then they should take a look at their tax policies/regulations and require it, and stop complaining when people (like Jimmy Carr) pay what they are told to pay and not a cent more, know what i mean?

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