Saturday night and I’m drinking vodka with my dude

expat life thoughts

As anyone who has ever come out on the other side of a super lame time period can attest, being finished with CELTA is amazing. I still have the lingering feeling that there’s something to do…but there isn’t. I’ve begun looking for new jobs, since there just isn’t that much work at my former (current?) place of employment at this time of year. It’s a small school, it’s no fault of their own. I don’t know what will happen next, but I’m hoping I can piece together enough working hours to keep me busy, while looking for something new and fulfilling. But in the meantime, a day or two of nothing nothing nothing is more than welcome. Library books and catching up on my tv shows it is! Wee!


(For those who are interested in doing a CELTA course in Brighton, I highly recommend St. Giles. The teacher trainers were lovely, and overall the experience was comprehensive, and well-rounded. Stressful, but great.)

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