Thinking of…An American abroad at Thanksgiving

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Tomorrow is that most gluttonous and delicious of American holidays….Thanksgiving. And while it won’t be my first one away from the family back in Ohio, that doesn’t necessarily make it easier. English folk (and non-Americans, in general) don’t seem to understand the reason behind this day, and it can be a little hard to give a good reason for it sometimes.

“So you just…eat? Is there anything else?”

Well, yes. And no.  You also spend time with your family, and talk about how you’d never shop on Black Friday/how you can’t wait to shop on Black Friday, and discuss the things you are grateful for, and what your plans are for the December holidays, and watch the Macy’s Parade and alllll the football. You don’t actually ever mention the historical parts of Thanksgiving (coughcough) and you spend most of the day in a food coma on your mom’s couch, drinking all the wine and waddling back to the table every few hours for another helping of leftover pie or stuffing. You may or may not have your first viewing of “A Christmas Story”-because after you eat, it’s officially Christmas time!

It is lovely. And I hate missing it.

This year is the first time since our Korea days that Jon and I will be together for Thanksgiving, and it is our first as a married couple (we were married before Thanksgiving last year, but we were not in the same country in November, so it doesn’t count). Somehow Jon got time off work for Thursday and Friday, but because my work has been so sporadic, I didn’t want to ask for it off. Therefore, I’ll be working away. However, Friday will find us at the home of some friends who are also half American-half English, and understand the importance of Thanksgiving, goshdarnit! So we’ll be eating and convalescing at theirs. I will bring the stuffing, the green bean casserole, and my special jalapeno-cranberry cream cheese dip (it is delicious).

But I will be missing my people. Believe you me.

mom, niece, sister, me: Thanksgiving 2011

Happy Thanksgiving everyone. I know I complain sometimes, but I’ve got a lot to be thankful for-and I hope you do too.

7 thoughts on “Thinking of…An American abroad at Thanksgiving”

  1. I totally understand! Especially the part about how you “talk about how you’d never shop on Black Friday/how you can’t wait to shop on Black Friday”, haha. Two years ago I hosted a huge Thanksgiving feast for all my expat friends in Singapore; the Brits looked at this giant table full of food and went, Ohhh. So this is why Americans are so big. 🙂 And hard as I try, my fiance (who is also British) just does not understand marshmallows on top of sweet potatoes! Hope you had a great Thanksgiving!

    1. Hahha the same thing happened at our little expat Thanksgiving in South Korea 3 years ago-especially because one of the Americans in attendance brought “apple snicker salad” which is…exactly what it sounds like: apples+snickers+whipped cream. Ick. Hope your thanksgiving was lovely too!

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