England expat life

Christmas is coming to Brighton!

There’s an ice rink set up in front of the Pavilion, which I very, very badly want to explore. Jon is not interested (probably a little PTSD from his Korean ice skating experience) (extra side note: I just tried to find pictures of said Korea ice skating experience and I can’t find any anywhere! I think I’ve been sabotaged by mister Norris…)

I get to wear scarves every day again-which I love.

We’ve got one little guy decorating our flat so far.

We’ve sorta been taking more naps than usual around here…

And things are just overall feeling very holiday-ish in our hood.

Jon and I are picking up our Christmas tree tomorrow. Our first one! We’re basically starting from scratch in the Sheets-Norris household. But it’s kind of nice that way, isn’t it?

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