Feminist Friday #22


Friday Friday Fridayyyyyy! Let’s get our feminism on ya’ll…


-On likeability and how the desire to be liked often prevents women from asserting their own power

An excerpt: “The truth is that we don’t need everyone to like us, we need a few people to love us. Because what’s better than being roundly liked is being fully known – an impossibility both professionally and personally if you’re so busy being likeable that you forgot to be yourself.

The answer, of course, is bigger than the individual – we need to shift the broader culture so powerful women aren’t automatically seen as bitchy or undeserving. There are structural inequities that impact how realistic abandoning likeability is for different women depending on their identity and circumstances. But we can’t change the culture if we’re not changing ourselves, too.”


-A study  from USC hat looked at gender roles and occupations in in film and television recently came to these conclusions:

Overall, the purpose of this investigation is to examine gender roles and the world of work in media popular with youth. A few
major themes emerge across the study. Female characters are still sidelined, stereotyped, and sexualized in popular entertainment content. Fewer females than males work in family films and prime-time shows, with the former showing fewer women in prestigious occupational positions than the latter. Females are not only missing from popular media, when they are on screen, they seem to be there merely for decoration—not to engage in meaningful or prestigious employment, particularly in STEM fields.



-An article exploring the influence of pop music on teen perceptions of dating violence. http://www.missrepresentation.org/pop-culture/bleeding-love/


-Hypocrites be hypocritin’ all up in this piece! A woman who has made a career out of telling women not to have careers tells women to stay home and take care of their men. Blech. (From Fox News, obviously). Also, she’s not good at analyzing statistics. Spoiler!


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