London’s Hyde Park Winter Wonderland

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Jon and I have been together for 4 Christmases. Out of those 4 Christmases, 2 have been in England. And during the Christmas season both of those years (including this year!) we’ve gone up to London to take part in the holiday joyousness that is Winter Wonderland at Hyde Park.

hyde park winter wonderland london

This year we met up with my fellow Buckeye, Ariel (who can be found writing about her own oh-so-social London existence over here) and man oh man do I love having another Ohioan just an hour away. We need to hang out more! And it’s also always fun comparing our experiences with our English menfolk and just being Midwesterners in England, essentially. It’s a unique experience. We’ve always got a lot to talk about.

The Wonderland was chock full of people. Even on a Sunday evening, the place was bustling. We partook in several cups of mulled wine and a delicious bratwurst or two, and discussed the differences between Bavarian and German holiday markets (conclusion: uhhhh are there any differences?), all while doing some light dancing to the entertainment on hand at various stages and checking out some of the more-interesting-choices in attire by people in attendance. Okay, Jon and Rob didn’t dance. But that’s okay, Rel and I had it covered.

Mmmmm German Bratwurst.

bratwurst hyde park winter wonderland london

And stealth pictures of bratwurst eating, which make me laugh.

I refrained from getting on any carnival rides. Doesn’t go well with mulled wine, you see. Also, they are terrifying. We did watch some of the people ice skating for a few (very few) minutes. Jon Norris still refuses to ice skate. Harrumph.

Unfortunately we couldn’t stay out too late, what with having to work this morning, but I’m glad we went down early in December, rather than later. And if you’re in or near London, you should go too! It’s good for all ages, and I’m still disappointed I didn’t buy a Christmas ornament, what with trying to make a quick exit to the closest tube station through the heaving throngs of people. Silly me. Oh, well…there’s always next year!

4 thoughts on “London’s Hyde Park Winter Wonderland”

  1. Gahhhh so much fun, Ashley! I wish London weren’t so far away from Edinburgh. We do have our own Edi winter wonderland (German market + Highland village), but I’ve never mustered the strength to ride the rides in below freezing weather and Scottish winds. Copious amounts of mulled wine and strudel, however, have been bought 😉
    Hope you two have a wonderful Britishy holiday season!

    p.s. German markets. Discuss. I mean, I’m at the point now where I feel like it’s weird we don’t have them in the states during the holiday season, but it still kind of tickles me thinking about the cropping up all over Europe at the beginning of December. We need to export this 😉

    1. Hi Lar! I 100% agree with exporting these things-they’re so fun! And we even went to a German Christmas market in Korea, in the neighborhood with all the international embassies, so I mean…they are popular and totally international! Also, strudel and mulled wine. C’mon America.

      I hope you’re enjoying the Scottish holiday season-I’m sure it’s more seasonal and maybe even snowy up there?? Lucky ducks! xx

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