A December day in St. James’ Park

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Last weekend, pre-Harrods and pre-Winter Wonderland, Jon and I slowly walked around central London and just enjoyed the cold, clear Sunday on our hands. I wanted to see if Big Ben and Parliament and Westminster Abbey were decked out in the trappings of holiday cheer, but alas, they were not. Too fancy, I guess!

Hey, guess who got married here, in this big  ol’ church? Nice big wedding last summer, you may have heard a thing or two about it….

Westminster Abbey is such a pretty place! I always want to go inside to check it out and drool at the architectural magnificence, but the admission is astronomical, like £20 or something. Um, no. I’ll stay on the outside like the urchin that I am.

The sun kept peeking out, along with the brightest flashes of blue in the gray London sky. A nice surprise for this time of year-especially with the days so short and the sun setting before 4. I’ll take any blue skies that come my way, even if they’re accompanied by freezing temperatures.

I just wanted Big Ben to have a giant garland wrapped around him…. is that too much to ask?

Apparently, yes.

We made our way past Downing Street and through the horse guards parade, up the Mall and through St. James’ Park to Buckingham Palace, and eventually over to Knightsbridge. I really love St. James park. It’s always full of wildlife and all sorts of birds-some which delight me as they don’t really exist in America, or if they do, I  don’t know where they live over there. Plus, because they’re legally protected and because the park is a specifically safe habitat for them, they (and the squirrels too!) have absolutely no fear of humans. Just like the squirrels on Ohio State’s campus, the little things in St James just do not care at all, and if you have food, they’ll come and eat it right out of your hand! In fact, they’ll come right up to you first just to see if you have anything, then shuffle away if you turn out to be a big disappointment. Cheeky!

Look at this little fatty eating a nut!

But Buckingham Palace just doesn’t impress me. Which doesn’t matter since I don’t live there or anything. The park is much better, in my humble opinion.

Happy Friday guys! I have a solid evening planned of sitting at the laundry mat to dry our clothes (i don’t mind hanging our stuff most of the year, but bed sheets and towels take foreveerrrrrr in the winter when you do that!). I will also be eating a burrito and reading a really good book, but maybe not at the laundry place. Oh yeah, and Jon will be getting drunk at his work Christmas party, so it’s a real single ladies-lady-night out here, which is all the better for my book reading and Christmas movie watching. Friday!

4 thoughts on “A December day in St. James’ Park”

  1. I couldn’t believe how expensive it was to go into the abbey! When I took my mom to London last month I saw the prices and said no — then later I found out that she’d really wanted to go in! I felt terrible. Silly Westminster.

  2. This is like a blog about my commute to work!

    …also Westminster Cathedral is just down the road and free and equally impressive (if more Catholic) – always worth checking out.

    Added bonus: They have a tap for Holy Water, once saw a woman fill up a 3 litre bottle of the stuff and wander out, I assume she was off hunting vampires.

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