Tis the season…

England expat life

A photo diary of December’s magic.

Our tree, night and day, and day and night.

Gifts, wrapped.

A beloved little angel.

Ol’ snowman pillow saying “hello, come lay on me and give me a cuddle!”

An advent calendar that has not been up to date even once.

Michael Buble…man, this guy. I am many years late, but I have to say that I think I love him and his crooning persona.

Decorating our tree, weeks ago…

with a star on top, obviously.

Every tree needs an owl.

The coziest of cozy hipster types.

Red wine, the perfect antidote for rainy December nights. (Oh, how I wish it were snow…)

Cookie maker extraordinaire.

And one more of our little lady.

January’s going to be so sad…I can see it already.

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