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Man. You guys, I’m just…… kinda sad. Things are changing around here and not all the changes are what one would call fun, or “good”. I’m hoping for the best. I hope we are making good decisions. I don’t know. Basically, Jon and I are moving back in with his parents in the hopes of saving enough money to buy a house in 2013. It’s a lofty goal, and maybe too overly ambitious, and ya know, who really needs to buy a house anyway? But we’re doing this. We are also suffering through some personal physical issues, but I’m not about to splash that all over the internet, know what I mean? But anyway, that’s the reasoning behind a relative radio silence over here. There just isn’t as much to say in this new year. We’re halfway moved out of our place now, so our flat is particularly sad, which makes me more sad. We will be all moved out on Saturday, and it will be the end of an era/beginning of a new one. I hope we are doing a good thing. I hope we make the best of this grand idea. But right now I just feel….heavy.

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