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Watching: I’ve been home all week working on freelance stuff and not having to leave at all for teaching. This means that I put on various movies all day to sort of hangout in the background while I do my work. The copy I’m writing is mind-numbingly boring at this point, so I don’t need all my brain cells to focus, and movies are a nice way to pass the time. Today I watched Coraline, which I think would have legitimately scared me as a child. Those button eyes are so creepy! I’ve also been watching a lot of Charmed, which is the best show in the whole world, ever. I’m so glad it started coming on here!

Reading: The Night Circus. It is magical and the kind of book that I’m trying not to read too quickly, as I know I’ll be sad when it’s finished. On deck-Gone Girl, and Cloud Atlas. I’m really looking forward to getting into those two, as I’ve heard lots of good things.

Anticipating: In the short term, I’m anticipating our move on Saturday and just getting it over with and getting settled. Jon’s doing really poorly, so it’s probably going to be a real downer. But then we’ll be able to stop thinking about it, and all will be well! In the long-term, I’m excited that Lindsey just booked her ticket this week to come visit in June! We’ll be doing some traveling while she’s here and I just cannot wait to see my lady friend on my new home turf. Summer can’t come soon enough:)

Working on: Patience. Always.

Listening to: Have you heard of Haim? I posted their video a day or two ago. A group of sisters from California, with sweet moves and who can each play multiple instruments. Those chicks are rocking out. I’ve been listening to them a lot lately, as well as the new Ellie Goulding, which I love.


Eating: Because of Jon’s crazy health problems we’ve been trying to modify our diets to see what helps him feel better (I’m being a team player, thus the “our”). We started a stint of paleo on Monday and, surprisingly, it seems to be working. I mean, it’s only been 4 days, but I like it, although it’s strange to be eating meat so often. No wheat/gluten (which are common irritants for lots of people, including Jon and I) , no sugar, no booze, and no dairy, are essentially the rules that make up the paleo diet/eating plan, seem to be sitting well over here in the Sheets-Norris household. We’re going to do it for at least a month and see where we’re at. I never would have thought this would be a “thing” I’d do, but hey, life is weird and my little family is dying inside, so here we are. We’ll see if it lasts past this one month! I can’t really imagine never eating bread again… and buying so much fruit/vegetables/meat while only buying organic and local (and seasonal as much as possible) is just a lesson in expensive living, particularly in the middle of winter.

Missing: Besides all the usual missing my family and friends and all that, I’m specifically missing instagram (womp womp, I know). My stupid phone has been broken for several weeks, and ironically enough the camera decided it wasn’t going to work anymore on New Year’s Day. It hasn’t since-no instagramming in 2013! I’ve really missed sharing the little bits and minutia of my day to day. I’m waiting for the new Google phone to be back in stock so I can finally replace my sad, old one, but I don’t know when that will be. Hopefully soon. And then I’ll probably start instagramming again, haha.

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