An impromptu surprise trip to Ohio

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Surprise! I’m in America!

What with Jon’s granny dying and all the emotions of the past few weeks, I was feeling a bit homesick. I hadn’t been back to Ohio since September, and we weren’t planning on making another trip until November of this year. And last Wednesday I was thinking about how much I’d really love to just take a quick trip home and see my people.

And then I thought about how I don’t have any classes to teach until March 18th, and tickets are super cheap this time of year because no one travels in February…… so on Wednesday I just went for it and bought a ticket to Columbus via JFK for Saturday. Very impromptu, and what a whirlwind couple of days! I only told a few of my friends and my sister that I was coming, and made plans to surprise my dad and stepmom, and then go on to my mom’s place and surprise her too 🙂 With some help from my awesome friend Lindsey we made some magic happen. And luckily it was caught on tape!

Jon took me to the airport Saturday morning, and my flight from London to New York was uneventful. I slept a lot and watched Madagascar 3 (meh…..not as good as the other ones. Also, please don’t judge me for loving children’s movies). Immigration at JFK was a breeze, but then, due to multiple delays, weather trouble, and mechanical problems, it took me just as long to get from NY to Columbus as it did for me to get from London to New York! Guh. Flying sucks. And American Airlines are terrible, although the delightful air steward dude really saved the day and served our flight all the free booze we wanted! What a gem.

Lindsey picked me up at the airport and we went back to her place just long enough for me to freshen up and then hit the town (sorta….we had dinner and then went to Brothers Drake Meadary, where I had a glass of mead and swayed around like a braindead zombie until about midnight, when we went back to Lindsey’s and I passed out cold!). I managed to wake up early Sunday morning, and tricked my dad into thinking I was going to skype with him later. And then Lindsey and I got in the car and headed north, which takes us to the videos up above! I got to see my niece, who seems to grow so quickly since I only see her about twice a year. And tomorrow I get to meet my brand spankin’ new, 2 month old nephew!

Man, it’s good to be back.

(left to right: with my partner-in-crime/possible twin?, Ry hitting the streets, my mama and me)

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