Back from Ohio

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Has it been ten days already??

So it seems! My trip was great. Super, duper great. I spent half of it at my mom’s house, straight chillin’, watching all the American tv (Law and Order marathons, obviously) and just enjoying being present. Being able to surprise both of my parents, and seeing their reactions, is honestly going to be a top 5 lifetime memory for me. It was amazing.

The rest of what happened on my little holiday isn’t anything of interest to anyone that isn’t me, I’m sure! I met my supremely adorable 2 month old nephew, played with my nearly 4 year old niece and hung out with my beautiful sister, and spent a long weekend in Columbus, making a mess of Lindsey’s place and sleeping on her couch, seeing my friends and eating so much food I thought they’d have to roll me onto the plane to get back.

Yesterday morning Jon picked me up at the unholy hour of 6:30 am from London Heathrow, and man was it good to see him! I feel more and more changes in my own personal equilibrium every time I go back to Ohio. How strange to have two places be so firmly ensconced in my mind as “home”. No matter how great it was to be gone, it’s always good to be back. Even if the jet lag made me sleep from 8:30 am until 3:30 pm yesterday. Yeesh.




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