Mid-March snow in England


Snow is a peculiar thing around here. The few times a year that white flakes sprinkle down upon us from the heavens, the response is always the same. Every. Single. Time. Everyone freaks out. Trains break down and/or are cancelled or subject to massive delays. People abandon their cars in the roads and around the roundabouts and try to walk to their final destination. Schools and restaurants shut down. It’s kind of funny in its intensity.

And this latest round of insanity in the south? How much snow caused these national breakdowns, you ask?

6 inches. Ah!

Ha! I can’t help but giggle a little at the inanity of it all, but then again, I haven’t had to try to commute through this latest nonsense either. Last night a friend of ours was on a bus that literally stopped…..and kicked everyone off. Apparently all buses in the area were under order to return to the depot immediately, which meant abandoning their passengers, wherever that may be. Jon left this morning and didn’t get to work until an hour later. His usual train was 15 minutes late (not bad!) but then the 15 minute train ride turned into a 45 minute one at a slow crawl.

On the one hand, you can’t really expect a country that gets only a few inches of snow a year (maybe….) to have the same capabilities as one that gets tons of snow every year. On the other hand-get it together England. Although to be fair, global warming definitely seems to be bringing a few more snow storms to England each year than ever before-in my few years of anecdotal experience-and eventually you’d think someone, somewhere, would start planning for these events. For now, we’re all hoping after this melts it will be officially spring out there-with no more sudden snow storms shutting everything down.


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