Adding to the family



Part of the impetus to go on my latest trip back Stateside was this little man, born of my beautiful little sister at the beginning of December. His name is Kale, and he is adorable.

I had only been living in South Korea a month when my sister gave birth to my niece, Ryleigh, who turns 4 in just a couple of weeks, something I can still barely comprehend. She’s a little handful, as you can see by her incessant hamming it up in front of any and all cameras! And we both have tattoos, which makes us pretty cool, I think. But because I was, ya know, living in Asia, I didn’t get to meet Ry until she was nearly 4 months old. This time around, I’m glad I had the chance to meet the newest little member of our family a whole two months earlier than the last one!

If I keep this up, eventually, maybe by the time there’s another baby being born I’ll actually be there! Or, you know, be having one myself. I guess that’s always a possibility, too.

The saddest part about being gone is missing so much of these little ones growing up. Every time I go back Ryleigh has changed and grown so, so much-and I can only assume that the same will happen for baby Kale. In the meantime, I’ll take what little time I have with these small people. And I’ll take lots of pictures when I get the chance.

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