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Another solid weekend in the books (although if I’m being honest, I really, really could do without all this rain that keeps coming down…..weatherweatherrainblahblahblahshutupAshley). To bring in the weekend, Jon and I had a date at one of our favorite Brighton restaurants, Pho, on Friday night. Pho (the actual dish), for those interested makes it onto the approved list of foods Jon can still eat in restaurants. It’s gluten-free, and totally paleo if you don’t eat the noodles! And on top of that, I am obsessed with it and will eat it whenever given the chance. I wish I had some more right now…..but I digress. Spicy Vietnamese goodness. Yum. And pork-lemongrass meatballs! Ah!

So we also attended an engagement party Friday night, welcoming some more friends of ours into the world of the old married folk. Or, ya know, we will do that welcoming, when they get married…in 2015. So far away! But baby steps it is to becoming not-the-only-married-ones. Times are changing. The closer we creep to thirty, the more married people our age we know. It’s nice, not gonna lie. Sometimes it feels very outcast-y to be married. You wouldn’t think that, but that’s how it feels, to me, at this age. In ten years I doubt it will be that way though.

From today forward things are going to be busy busy busy again. Back to work, with added freelance work on top of that, commuting and all the normal things that people do. It seems I go from sitting around doing nothing for days at a time, and then all of a sudden everything is on my plate at once. It is preferable to me, that way. I’m not good at not working. It’s depressing. I want all the work, all the time! Except for the weekends, obviously. I’m not that into it.


Oh, and I finally got a haircut this weekend. I like it.


C’est la vie.

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