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Friends, I am a little on the exhausted side. In a good way, but still….exhausted. My days this week have been full of teaching and writing and sleeping, with very little else to round it out. Such is the manner of deadlines. And of course, as far as I’m concerned, all the work is better than none of it! But I’m sleepy, I have a deadline for Monday, and our Saturday will be spent at a wedding in Surrey, so….essentially this is me procrastinating from work that I really, really should be doing. Ah well. Friday!

Things happening lately…

Eating: Jon has been on a real cooking/baking streak-I think it started when I went to the States this last time, and it just hasn’t stopped! No complaints over here. He’s got a knack for finding weird paleo things that he can make and then snaffle up when I’m not around. Most recently, these have included a chocolate/avocado tart and a vegan/wheat-free cashew cheesecake with berries. They sound weird, I know, but they’re yummy, I promise!

Listening: I’ve been devouring old This American Life podcasts. They’re so good for commuting or running errands, and I always have a few on my phone to listen to. Best podcast ever-I am definitely responsible for getting more than one English person to listen to it, even though they’re initially turned off by the title! Are there any good podcasts out there that y’all listen to? I’m always looking for new ones-I’m also a fan of Marc Maron’s WTF podcast and Julie Klausner’s How Was Your Week?

Anticipating: Well mostly I’m just looking forward to the weather turning. Here I thought it was spring, and then yesterday it got cold cold cold, and today it is both cold and raining. Suck it, England. Get it together. I want some sunshine and some warmth, it’s nearly April!

Watching: Blame it on the fact that, generally speaking, new American shows come to the UK only if they become very popular in the States first, and also the fact that I’m pretty bad at keeping up with these sorts of things, but I’ve recently begun watching both Nashville and Boardwalk Empire and I love them both! Steve Buscemi as a 1920s gangster in Atlantic City is pretty great, and Nashville balances good soapy drama with fabulous country music (I was hooked when they used a personal favorite by The Civil Wars in the very first episode). It’s slightly embarrassing-I mean, Boardwalk Empire is on, what, season 4 or something? But at least Nashville is only in the middle of season one. It doesn’t make me look so bad.

Reading: I recently finished Beautiful Creatures, which was….really meh. But at least it had strong female characters, which I always approve of. And now I’m stuck in Cloud Atlas, but I’m having a hard time getting into it, most likely due to the fact that each section is narrated by someone new at different points in time-and the first section was an old timey fella in the early 19th century, and therefore full of olde English spellings and references. It took some time! I’ll keep plowing ahead though. On deck, The Paris Wife (which I have on loan from the fabulous Lindsey), and Ann Patchet’s State of Wonder, which I’ve waited about a year to get my hands on!

Thinking: Way too much. About everything. I have so many ideas for things to write about and I keep starting drafts, only to let them languish and for nothing to come from them. On top of that, ideas for life, in general, moving house and career ideas, and general looking-at-the-future angst. Not in a teen way where the world is stressful, just more where I have so many ideas and I really just feel like I want more out of life and I want to figure out what that is, what the more is, if that makes sense?

Enjoying: All the walking that is part of my commuting routine. Sometimes I have to do it really fast (like….every day since I am terrible at getting out of the house in time for a leisurely stroll to the station/work) but it’s nice to have essentially an hour and a half of exercise inserted into each workday without trying. And also-not to be mushy-but I’m feeling extra appreciative these days of Jon and what a great husband and partner he is. I won’t gush, but he’s wonderful and I am lucky. Thanks Jon.


TGIF dudes. Seriously.

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