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Saturday was spent driving an hour up into Surrey with Jon and his dad to attend Jon’s cousin’s wedding. It was amazing! I swear, I never get tired of the gorgeous architecture and stunning landscapes of England. Even though we got stuck driving through a snowstorm on the way there-worst spring everrrrrr, and I can’t believe it’s almost April and this crap is still happening-the grounds of the Pennyhill Park Hotel were breathtaking. I had my good camera in my bag but felt silly taking it out, unfortunately. I’m sure the bride and groom had planned for a beautiful springy wedding with guests wandering the verdant hills, sipping champagne cocktails before dinner, but as it was freezing, everyone basically huddled around in front of various fireplaces talking about….the weather. Ah, England. We did manage to scuttle outside for a group photo in the snow on a beautiful patio that would have been much more enjoyable on a sun-soaked day. But then, right back inside, in the warm!

We had a great time and it was fun for me to meet Jon’s cousins, whom he hadn’t seen in about seven years, and whom I’d obviously never met before. It’s always strange to me-the long distance part of our dating relationship, plus the sporadic visits of the familial variety on his side means that there’s tons of people in the Norris family that I haven’t really met. Or really, hadn’t met. I’ve met a bunch this year, all in the span of a couple of months. And we’ve been together nearly four years! Jon on the other hand has met literally hundreds of my kinfolk. Okay, not literally. But many. I have lots of aunts and uncles and cousins and all of that. Jon gets to be the infamous British person at get-togethers, lucky fella. They ask him to say words. It’s fun. For me.

I love dressing up with Jon and going places. And his dad is pretty fun to hang out with too. They’re good company, even if they’re both terrible dancers.

Sunday was fairly miserable. I clocked in about 12ish hours of writing/editing/formatting for some freelance I’ve been doing (remember how I said it never comes at a good/free time?), then fell into a fitful sleep full of weird dreams about uncompleted documents and shitty excel sheets. It was a less than refreshing and didn’t lead to a greatly rested start to my week. But at least the wedding was fun, and we’d gone to dinner with good friends on Friday night, which was a real treat. It’s nice to know wonderful people .



See my blogged version of more English weddings in Torquay and Exeter. A fabulous excuse to explore my adopted country, via ceremonies of love 🙂 Next up, Newcastle in September for Michelle and John!

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    1. thank you lady! i keep forgetting to wear them, but i got a lot of compliments, which should serve as a reminder, haha 🙂

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