A freezing whirlwind trip to the Brighton Food Festival

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brighton food festival 2013


On Saturday Jon and I took the train into Brighton to hit up the Brighton Food Festival and do a little shopping. We love the annual food festival-it is amazing and is a one stop shop for not only filling your belly with all the best of local vendors, but also with stocking the ol’ freezer/pantry with great bits and pieces from, you guessed it, local vendors. It’s a real event, and I wouldn’t miss it for anything!

Last year we remember going while decked in much lighter clothing choices-but alas this year’s weather took a turn for the worse. We exited the station to sunshine and high hopes, but after running a few errands (you guys, I have the coolest salad lunch box EVER now) and hitting up Cafe Coho for a little caffeine to jump start the day, by the time we started strolling through the food festival street, the skies had clouded over and it even started snowing for a while. It was…..just….icky. Everyone was sad, and I felt absolutely terrible for the vendors who didn’t have a hot grill to keep them a little bit warm! They were allll bundled up-scarfs, hats, mittens, the whole nine yeards. The depression was palpable. I think all of England is currently suffering from seasonal affective disorder, no lie. I’m inches away from buying a sun lamp.

We picked up some of our favorites-local goat’s cheese and this really delicious hot sauce made in Sussex, some very awesome sausages and gluten-free tarts for Juan, smoked ham and marinated garlic. We don’t mess around, I’m tellin’ you. And I treated myself to a freakin’ delicious sandwich. Amazing! Even if I ate it while shivering in the cold on the sidewalk. It was heavenly.

Even though we’d planned on spending more time hanging out, the weather made us run home with our tails between our legs, ready to chill out and enjoy the rest of our Saturday from the warmth of home. Oh spring….when will you come to England?

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