Sunday visitors


Sunday afternoon we were graced by a visit from Penny and Dave as they headed back up north from a long weekend in Brighton, taking pictures of new babies and whatnot. We only had them for a few hours, but Jon and I took advantage of the slightly spring-like temperatures and intermittent sunshine and took our guests for a long walk up the high street with the dogs, with a stop for a drink at The Bent Arms in Lindfield, before bidding them adieu once again. Jon even made them sandwiches for the car! What a nice guy, right? Right.

Trying to get Spud to pose for pictures is a fool’s errand, but Pen managed it.

penny and spud at the red lion


The ever-cheerful and oh-so-photogenic Maxi.

Majestic, isn’t he?

It was a short and sweet interlude, but hopefully we’ll see them again soon, either up north in Nottingham (who am I kidding….Jon, like most southern English folk, has a lot of shit to talk about the north and has no intention of going there unless he has to), or when they’re back down here. Summer adventures by the seaside would be nice!

3 thoughts on “Sunday visitors”

  1. There are three basic areas in England. North, Midlands and South. Nottingham is in the Midlands, not the North. I have no issue with Nottingham, or any other town or city in the region, but to call it the North is an insult to the great achievements and contributions that the region has made over the centuries to the UK, so to lump everything together as the North simply because it is North of where you live is disappointing. What I am more than happy about is that your small minded, ignorant, ‘anything north of my front door is the North’ husband doesn’t want anything to do with our part of the UK. It means that he doesn’t ruin it for the rest of us. I found your website one day as I was interested in how Americans, like yourself, find living in the UK. Unfortunately, it seems that your experience is being clouded by your bloke. If you are going to hate the North, hate it for your own reasons not his predjudices. Sorry for ranting a bit, also apologies for the bit about your husband, but I have experienced the same attitude from others from down South and I find it most vexing. I don’t hate the South at all, regardless of those numpties. Maybe one day you will be brave enough to venture into our barren wasteland and find that some of it is quite nice. You could even visit ‘Rusty Rita’.

    1. While a weak apology after insulting my husband doesn’t lead me to think very highly of you, I’ll go ahead and point out that I have been to the Midlands multiple times (even daring to visit Nottingham, goodness me). Also had a lovely week of holiday in the Peak district, which is also in the Midlands, but is fairly north. Plenty of people refer to “north” as any area north of where they reside-I didn’t invent that concept, I promise. You do your area a disservice by taking my tongue-in-cheek reference to a silly joke (often told by friends, family, and others I come into contact with in the UK) about the whole South/North divide, and turning it into a reason to leave a rather testy comment.

      I never said anything about hating the North. No one did. And if the part about “talking shit” is what you constitute as such, than surely calling someone you don’t know “small-minded and ignorant” falls under the same umbrella. Doesn’t lead me to think those from the North are that nice at all, contrary to your name. I certainly don’t hate the North, and plan on visiting the area when the opportunity arises. Hopefully I won’t run into any false friends such as yourself, trying to educate me while at the same time slinging barbs at imagined insults.

      America has a similar, if not quite so serious, North/South divide. It’s mostly jokes, but I find the serious defenders of it obnoxious there, as well.

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