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Today was the first day in a long time where I wasn’t freezing. The sky was hazy, as it was most of the weekend. But the sun peeked its head out a few times, and it seems like finally…..finally…..spring is coming. Thank God.

I am so heavily affected by the weather. I know, I know, so many people are! But. This extended, colder version of winter was so unlike what I’ve come to expect from England, and literally, every single day since late February, I’ve thought “today will be the day that winter really ends”. And I was wrong, every day. Still could be wrong, really, but the forecast and these past few days warmer temps hint at a change.

Today was also a day where I found myself abruptly reminded that the North/South divide of the USA is nothing compared to that of England. It was a learning experience. I’ve always thought it was more of a running joke (similar to the ol’ yankee vs confederates and good old boys kind of thing that happens Stateside). Gentle ribbing, jokes, rivalries, etc etc. But here, that division isn’t much of a joking matter, so it seems. People take their regional pride seriously in England! And mentioning that my (southern) husband isn’t keen on travelling up North (even in a joking manner) got me into a bit of hot water with one reader, who assumed that I must hate the North because Jon is clouding my experience, and he’s an ignorant, small-minded numpty from the South. Quotes y’all. I’m being clouded. Anyway-North versus South in 2013. Who knew?

Let it be known, I have every intention of continuing to explore this island with every chance I get. Lots of plans for the summer’s visitors, and even going to  Newcastle (the northiest of north you guyss!)  in September.  And that’s where I stand. Hoping for spring time, and learning about centuries old geographic rivalries. Happy Tuesday!


(a little light reading, wiki-style, on the north south divide in England, if you’re interested)

3 thoughts on “A little bit of sun cures what ails you”

  1. IT is propaganda. I lived up North for over 30 years, til moving to Brighton (well Hove Actually) 4 years ago. We were always taught southerners were rude and aggressive and everyone up North was friendly, because they used endearing terms like “love”, “flower” and “me duck” (me=my in certain areas).

    Maybe it’s the warmer climate (there is a meteorological north/south divide too) maybe it’s because there’s more money down here (yup, there’s also a financial north/south divide) or maybe it’s just centuries of entrenched discrimination, but I’ve found people “down South” to be much more friendly and willing to share their time.

    All along the south coast we’ve met loads of really cool people and have come to realise that it truly is “grim up North” – both in attitude as well as appearance (in some places). Brighton is a place unto itself. Like Marmite. I love it!

  2. Thanks for the input Chris! Man, i feel like I’m learning so much about the English north/south thing! All the Northerners I know personally-hailing from Yorkshire, Manchester, even Newcastle, are the loveliest people. I had no idea there were northerners who truly, sincerely were prejudiced against the south (and vice versa, for that matter, it’s not like the South is blameless in all this).

    I still hold the opinion that the weather is grim up north, but um….I’m american and the weather is pretty effing grim down south too 🙂

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