The Foodies Festival is coming to Brighton! (giveaway now closed)

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Apparently I talk a lot about two things on this here blog. Thing One: Food. And Thing Two: Brighton. So I have to say that I sorta kinda wasn’t completely surprised when the Brighton Foodies Festival contacted me and offered some free tickets for the kick-ass food festival to give to a couple of my readers! I don’t want to be a shill (also, I’m not used to people giving me things) but if you want some tickets to this very wonderful, super tasty festival that can be found for three days by the seaside on the delightful Hove Lawns, than give me a shout out in the comments and a winner will be chosen to receive two tickets that I’ll send out before the festival, which runs from May 4-6. Maybe I’ll see you there!

With food and drink Master Classes, appearances by star chefs in the fancy pants “Chef’s Theatre”, live entertainment, pop-up restaurant tents, an avenue featuring only street food, and a produce market featuring all local vendors from the city, I’m pretty sure Jon and I will have to be there all three days in a row just to make sure we really soak it all in (and then can roll ourselves back up to the station….).

Parts I’m particularly excited about this year: the local beer tasting and tutoring with Melissa Cole , gin & tonic cakes(!!) with Emily Ladybird, the Chef’s feature of Jake from my very favorite Brighton purveyor of dim sum, Yum Yum Ninja, seeing the converted double decker bus that’s been turned into the “bar bus”, a chocolate theater,  and of course, all the regular vendors, plus-music and beach hangouts. I wish I had kids’s so I could check out all the children’s theater stuff on offer this year(banana robot monkeys, seriously), because it sounds super fun too. Ah well….I’ll save that part for a few years from now. And hopefully hopefully hopefully, all fingers crossed, the weather will be as beautiful as it was last year, with no sign of the snow we had last week!


Leave me a comment and tell me who you’d take to the festival with you! Make sure you leave your email in the appropriate box so I can send you a message, and  I’ll draw a winner next Friday, April 19th. Good luck, and see you at the Foodies Festival!

22 thoughts on “The Foodies Festival is coming to Brighton! (giveaway now closed)”

  1. Hiya!
    Love the blog and love foodies festivals. I’d take my friend Kristin who just moved to Brighton and loves good grub as much as I do!

  2. Looks amazing, would definitely take my partner as we are both big food lovers and love to cook for eachother. Plus beer tasting & dim sum?! Sounds tailor-made.

  3. Really like the sound of the chocolate theater…and all the rest of course! Consider me entered for the ticket draw Ashley 🙂

  4. The beer tasting sounds great!

    I’d take my mate, as he’s on strict bodybuilding diet and I want to scupper it so I don’t look like a skinny wretch in comparison.

    1. That’s what I try to do to Jon because he’s so damn skinny and tall-it’s not working yet though, I just get rounder and he stays the same!

  5. If anything might encourage me to expand my repertoire from porridge then this is it. I will also guarantee sunshine if I win.

  6. I would love to along to said Foodie Fest!

    I would bring along my new fine fellow, we are both loving cooking things for each other and would love more !!

    Also, I have not seen your face in so long, what a wonderful way it would be to meet up!!

    Mwah x

  7. You had me at food but Banana Robot Monkies sealed the deal. I would take Colin because, as we only like completely different things, going together we can sample the whole festival (awwwww…)

    1. Hi Colin-yep, I announced the winner last Friday! I’m sure some of my readers would love to get that living social deal 🙂

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