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So. In a few short months I’ll be able to apply for my “indefinite right to remain” visa, which will give me the ability to go in and out of England as I please. Woo! And with that visa, assuming all goes well, comes the freedom to once again live abroad-and by that, I mean more abroad than being just an American living in England, which sometimes, surprisingly, doesn’t feel like being that far away from home…’s just……wetter. This could be a time for something more, like Jon and I both going off somewhere new, together, somewhere where we can both be expats again, not just me. A new adventure. But… that a good idea? I don’t really know.

All this has been rolling around in my mind a lot lately. Jon and I stated discussing things a few weeks ago, when I realized that in December I have to apply for right to remain, and that if I get it (and I should!), that will be a pretty big deal in terms of the freedom that I have to go back and forth, here and there. And December isn’t that far away, not really, not when you think about it.

But the other thing on our plate, and the main reason we moved in with Jon’s parents in the first place, was to save money and try to buy a house. And though I haven’t spoken about it much on this space, we did find a house, a good opportunity in a great place, and if all goes to plan on that side of things, we could be moving into our very own home in Brighton with our very own mortgage (yay?) in the fall. It sounds kind of dreamy, if I’m being honest. White picket fences and all that.

So here we are. Trying to decide if we should throw down some roots and have a true casa del Sheets-Norris, or pick up sticks and start over again somewhere new (and preferably warmer, if I have my way). We’ve been throwing around places, potential future temporary homes-joining some friends in Oman, heading back to Asia and fulfilling our little dream of living in Hong Kong for a year or two. The possibilities are out there, and there’s more than a few.

I thought I wanted to stay here in England, or find a way for us to go back to America. ┬áJust settle down and chill out. Get a dog and a yard. But it seems that the idea of Jon and I both being able to go to America, and both have jobs and health care and the whole shebang all at the same time, is pretty small. Not impossible, but not easy. And England is nice, but it’s a big world out there…..So here we are. House or something altogether new.

Every year this happens! I thought the late 20s was supposed to be when things settled down, wasn’t it? We’ll see where things are in 8 months. Living in a new house all our own, or making plans to hit the road once again…


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  1. you rock kid! you are living the life you want. not all can say that. don’t worry about where you should be at a certain age. it’s just a number. you got an education,health, and yo man. live the life baby…live the life. je t’aime.lyb,d.

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